Gold Award
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show
A1 Absolute Tom Jones Tribute Act/Artiste & Neil Diamond Tribute Show

IAN SCOTT - International No.1
Tom Jones Tribute & Neil Diamond Tribute Act/Artist


MusicMan Events Gold Award

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Tom Jones Tribute
Tom Jones Tribute Neil Diamond Tribute

Letter from Tom Jones' hit songwriter Johnny Caesar for demo.

The MusicMan Events Gold Award is awarded for all-round excellence in musical presentation. MusicMan Events only gives out these awards to bands and artists that it feels are truly performing at the top level of their field in comparison to their peers. The awards are independently judged by a number of talented professionals with backgrounds in the music performance, music booking, design and consulting industries. Merit is given for outstanding levels of:

  • Audio quality of demo material
  • Vocal & Musical ability
  • Visual & informative quality of promotional material
  • Variety of song list options
  • Entertainment value
  • Performance experience
  • Value for money
  • Professionalism
Only bands or artists reaching a high level in ALL categories are given the award, ensuring that only musicians of the highest quality are recognised.


A Dynamic Performance by .......... "THE VOICE"

Ian has a magnificent and powerful voice that is truly a match for popular music's major singing stars. Many Artists can sound like a particular star but few are great singers. Ian is a great singer as you'll see when you listen to the sound files.

Tom Jones deserves nothing less from a Tom Jones tribute act.

After 4 years as a cabaret Artist where he earned the title of "THE VOICE" - he was spotted by an agent while supporting one of the top ABBA tribute acts. He has never looked back since.

A very important part of Ian's tribute to Tom Jones is the fact that he is a top look alike for Tom (employed by CELEBRITY GROUP LOOKALIKES LONDON/HOLLYWOOD). This together with a great Welsh speaking voice and all Tom's mannerisms and phrasing really creates the illusion that it's the real thing!

He recreates all the passion and power of a Tom Jones concert, interacting and chatting with the audience and even involving some of them on "What's New Pussycat?" They love it!

Ian is an international tribute act and regularly travels round the world, playing in Bahrain, Marbella, Tenerife, Costa-Del-Sol, South of France and mainland Spain. He is the agents No1 tribute act to Tom Jones in Marbella and Tenerife.

Last year he performed to 1500 people at a Christmas Corporate event in Nottingham, then he was flown to Edinburgh's version of the Dome where he sang 3 songs to an audience of 700 people at a top fashions award show. This was followed by a week in Tenerife appearing with Frank Carson the comedian.

Then came the biggest privilege. Ian was chosen to do the promotion work for Smart Cars and "The Party In The Park"- The Route of Kings (Tom Jones show in Hyde Park) two days work culminating with a mini performance in Hyde Park itself singing to Tom's fans on the back of a security buggy!

A second major event came Ian's way when he was requested by Johnny Caesar (who wrote "Come Home Rhondda Boy" for Tom's album "DARLIN" in the 80's) to demo a brand new song for Tom to listen to and consider. Johnny told Ian that he needed someone who sounded like Tom but had the singing ability and power to do the song justice and this is why he chose Ian. Ian has also appeared at the Dilmun Club in BAHRAIN (Saudi Arabia) where they wouldn't let him go and he performed 45 minutes of encores doing the Tom Jones tribute show.

Ian always gets a great reaction, wherever he goes. This is a tribute you must not miss!!

"Ian was absolutely fantastic as Tom Jones"


"a very convincing look/sound alike for Tom Jones"


"I would like to pass on my thanks to you for a superb TOM JONES tribute act at our Christmas party"


"You had to be a really good singer to get paid in Wales because there were so many good singers around who would sing for a pint of beer."


Just when you thought it can't get any better and the applause for Tom Jones tribute is still echoing around the venue.............. One of the best double-bill shows you will see. Ian Scott is Neil Diamond (rated as one of the top three Neil Diamond tribute act in the UK) and the likeness is uncanny. Ian has a chance to show his musicianship as Neil playing some cracking guitar rhythm's on "CHERRY CHERRY", "BEAUTIFUL NOISE", "PLAY ME" & "SWEET CAROLINE".

He wears the costume and look from the "JAZZ SINGER" which was Neil Diamond at his peak.

The audience are totally captivated and involved in the performance, as the tempo goes up and down and the mood changes from romantic ballads to storming classics like "I'm A Believer" and "Cracklin' Rosie ". Ian's magnificent voice re-creates the emotion, excitement, passion and "spiritual" feel of Diamond's songs.

Ian's Neil Diamond tribute show take's the audience there, involves them, hands-clapping, and he doesn't let go until a fantastic heart-thumping, foot stomping, roof-raising finale!

He has taken his tribute to Neil Diamond show to the Highlands of Scotland, the DILMUN CLUB -BAHRAIN & The PARADISE CLUB- TENERIFE. Ian also thrills audiences all around the UK with his superb "double bill" tribute to Neil Diamond and Tom Jones. The transformation from Tom to Neil astounds people, with some of the audience convinced it is not the same performer for both acts.

Neil Diamond is one of the worlds greatest and enduring singer/songwriters. Ian is a songwriter himself (listen to "The Hands of Love" and "Pour Your Love On Me" on the sound files) He wrote these gospel songs and performed them with his band 'After The Fall'. Ian understands how well Neil has crafted his songs and how they "fit like a glove" when you sing them. He also understands the technique of singing, that you have to pour your heart and soul into every performance. Ian does that and more.

"The best of all the tribute shows we've had at the Dilmun. Ian had everyone on their feet. The feedback from the club members has been tremendous. His performance as a Tom Jones and Neil Diamond tribute was truly amazing"

Jill Silverthorne - Dilmun Club Bahrain (Saudi Arabia)

"...........a very convincing look/sound alike tribute act to Neil Diamond"


" ......... one of the very best Neil Diamond tributes you will ever see."

Neil Diamond Fan Club (Stafford)

"Something very magical happens.....the audience is the other half of the performance, you can’t do it without them, you need them, you need them with you, you want them, they’ve got to be with you or else there’s nothing... and the most exciting time of all is when it all comes together, when the audience is with you, when the band is cooking, when the night is made for love. Suddenly you’re not just the man on the stage anymore. You’re a man having a love affair with the audience. And most of all, best of all’re not alone anymore."

Neil Diamond - LOVE AT THE GREEK 1976


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